Autosave your model edits

This article shows how Archilogic autosaves the edits to your model in the editor

Manually saving your changes in the editor is a thing of the past.
Archilogic automatically saves all the changes you make to your building model in the editor so that you don't have to worry about losing progress when accidentally closing the browser tab or when your computer runs out of power, decides to restart, or crashes.

Whenever you're actively working on a model in the editor it will automatically create a new save state every 10 seconds. It won't create a new save state if you simply open the model in the editor but don't actually change anything.

Important: Automatically generated save states are not automatically shown to someone you shared the link to your building model to. They will continue to see the last published save state and not your work in progress save states.

In order to show your changes to a customer, you'll need to publish them first.