Configure the model (floor) properties

This article shows you how to update the floor properties of an Archilogic model in the Editor.

An Archilogic model is a reflection of a single floor in a building. A floor can be either partial or whole. The Floor properties include:

  1. Custom name of the floor
  2. Physical Address
  3. Floor Number
  4. Space category, there can be multiple categories associated with a floor (for example, a single floor can have both Parking and Office on the same level)
  5. Share setting (whether can be shared publicly or private within your Archilogic account)

To set the floor properties, click the Main menu on the toolbar. Then select floor > Properties.


This will open the Floor properties menu with the available fields you can configure.

  • Floor name is a required field to identify an Archilogic model.
  • Address is the physical address of the model. We use Google Maps to verify and autocomplete the address as you type it.
  • Space categories allow you to choose between Office, Residential, and Parking or combine the categories if required. The categories set here will determine the space usage you can access in the Usage dropdown menu. You must set a space category to activate the space usage selections. 
  • The floor is the floor level or suite identifier. For example, Cellar, Ground, -1, Suite 5A.
  • Sharing setting (required)
    • If a model is set to Public, everyone can view the model with a shared link without logging in to the Archilogic account.
    • If a model is set to Private, only people who are part of the same Archilogic account will be able to access the model.

Once you’re done, click the Update button to save your changes or the Cancel button to discard them.