Copy and paste a furniture object or group

This article shows you how to copy and paste a furniture object or an entire group in the editor

If you want to add the same furniture piece into a room a second time in the editor you don't have to look for it in the furniture menu and drag and drop it into your model again. Instead, you can copy and paste the already existing furniture object.

To do this, first select the furniture object by clicking on it.

Once selected, press the Ctrl/CMD + C keys on your keyboard to copy it. Then press the Ctrl/CMD + V key on your keyboard to paste a copy of the furniture object into your scene.

You can also press and hold the Alt key on your keyboard while dragging the furniture object to a new position in the scene. This will create a duplicate of your selection that is placed at the new position while the original furniture object will remain in its previous spot.

Both options work with single furniture objects as well as with a selection of several furniture objects and with groups.