Create a folder

This article shows you how to create a folder in the dashboard to organize your building models.


To create a folder you must first be logged in to your Archilogic account. Once logged in, click the "Add new folder" button at the lower-left corner of the dashboard. 

This will open a dialog box where you'll be prompted for the name of the new folder:


Click the blue "Confirm" button to create the folder.

Once the folder has been created, you can find it on the left side of your dashboard.
You are now able to move building models into this folder.


To create subfolders you have to follow the same steps as above but instead of simply typing in a folder name in the dialog box you'll have to provide a file structure.

You want to type in the name of the parent folder separated by a slash followed by the name of the subfolder.


In your folder menu, you will now find an entry looking like this.


Click the "+" icon next to the folder name to reveal the subfolder.


The subfolder behaves like any regular folder.

If you want to add another subfolder to the parent folder simply repeat the process but write a different subfolder name in the end.


Be advised that parent folders can only contain other folders but not any models.

In addition, you can only go down 1 step, meaning that you can't add subfolders to subfolders.