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Create a railing

This article shows you how to create a railing in the Editor

A railing is a fence or barrier made of rails. It's part of the structural elements in an Archilogic model.

To add or configure a railing in the Editor, you must be in the structural editing mode. Learn how to activate structural editing mode.


To add a railing in the Editor, navigate to the 2D canvas view, and open the drawing panel by clicking the pencil icon in the panel bar on the left.

With structural editing unlocked, select the railing tool.  You can also type the keyboard shortcut RA on Mac or Windows to activate it.

Start drawing a railing by clicking the starting point on the canvas and then click the endpoint. Now you have created a railing. 

Railing-configure diagram

To further customize the railing, simply select it again by clicking the railing in the 2D or 3D canvas view. you can now configure the below properties of the railing from the Inspector panel:

1. Position

The X position controls the side-to-side movement across the canvas.

The Z position controls the front-to-back movement across the canvas.

The Base level controls the elevation of where the bottom of the railing sits.

The Rotation controls the angle of the railing.

2. Dimensions

The Height controls how high the railing runs.

The Thickness controls how thick the railing runs.

The Length controls how long the railing runs.

3. Configurations

You can adjust the geometries of the railing.

The Segmentation dropdown menu gives you several options for your railing:

  • Distance segmentation lets you set a standard distance for the individual balusters. 
  • Number segmentation lets you set a fixed number of balusters in your railing.
  • If you select None there won't be any balusters in the railing and you'll get an opaque railing instead.

4. Materials

You can assign a custom color value to the railing. To do so simply click the input field and type in a hexadecimal color value or click the swatch box on the left of the input field to pick a color.


Changes are autosaved in the Editor but don't forget to publish your model when you are ready to make the changes public.