Create or edit camera bookmarks

This article shows you how to create or edit camera bookmarks in the Editor

You can use the Editor's camera bookmark feature to highlight views or sequence a virtual walkthrough tour of the model.

camera tour


To create or edit an existing bookmark, open the model in the Editor. Navigate to the 3D view by clicking the 3D View button on the Canvas.

Bookmark (1)

1. Bookmark menu - access tools to add a new bookmark, view, edit, or delete existing camera bookmarks.

2. Bookmark name - view or edit the bookmark name.

3. Update button - overwrite an existing bookmark with the current view on the canvas. 

4. Delete button - delete an existing bookmark view from the list.

5. Duplicate button - duplicate an existing bookmark view from the list.

6. Arrange button - drag an existing bookmark up or down the list to change the order of the walkthrough tour.

Create a new bookmark

On the 3D canvas, position the camera to the desired angle. Open the Bookmark menu, then type the name of the view in the Bookmark name field. Hit Enter on your keyboard to confirm.  A new bookmark is now added to the list.

Edit a bookmark name

To rename an existing bookmark, double-click on the Bookmark name field to change the name. Hit Enter on your keyboard to confirm. 

Changes are autosaved in the Editor but don't forget to publish your model when you are ready to make the changes public.