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Does Archilogic support SAML SSO?

Does Archilogic support Security Assertion Markup Language-based Single Sign-On?

Archilogic offers SAML-based Single Sign-on support to Enterprise customers.

Security Assertion Markup Language (short SAML) is an open standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between parties, in particular between an identity provider and a service provider. An important use case is web-browser single sign-on.

SAML SSO enables companies to use their own Single Sign-On solution to access the Archilogic dashboard

If you're interested in setting up SAML SSO for your Archilogic account please reach out to Archilogic support by sending an email to: support@archilogic.com

Click here to learn how to use SAML SSO to access your Archilogic models.