Export a list of the furniture assets in your model

This article shows you how to export a list containing all the furniture assets placed in your Archilogic model

You can export a list of all the furniture assets placed within your Archilogic model.

To do so you first have to open the model of which you want to export the furniture list in the editor.

Then click the list icon in the menu bar on the left side of the window.

This will open the inventory menu of the Archilogic model which shows you what assets were placed into, and how many times they appear in the model.

At the bottom of the inventory, you'll find the buttons to export the inventory as a CSV or an XLSX file. Click either of the buttons to export the list in your prefered file format.

The exported list contains columns for the productID, the name of the furniture asset, how many times it appears in the model etc.