How to connect walls

This article shows you how to easily connect two existing walls within an Archilogic building model

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You're most likely not starting from scratch every time you use the editor. Sometimes you just need to adjust an already existing model. For example, you may need to connect some existing walls within a model to close an opening. To do this you could simply select one of the walls and change its length until it touches the other wall.

However, there is also another way to achieve the same result. You can simply connect them with a couple of mouse clicks.

Wall connection

To connect two walls first select the wall that needs to be extended by left-clicking it. Then press the shift key on your keyboard and left-click the target wall.

Once both walls are selected click the connect button on the right side of the window in the toolbar to connect both walls.

This will then automatically extend the first wall to the second one and connect both of them.

You've successfully closed the opening. The two walls do not simply touch each other but are indeed connected. This means that if you, for example, move the second wall further to the left, the connected wall will automatically extend and stay connected.

Corner connection

If you want to connect two existing walls so that they form a corner you can follow the same approach as described above and first select both walls.

However, this time you have to click the corner connect button in the sidebar on the right instead of the wall connect button.

The two walls will now both increase their length in order to form a closed corner.

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