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How to draw a column

This article shows you how to use the editor to draw a column

Drawing a column

To draw a column you have to first open an Archilogic floor in the editor.

Make sure to unlock structural editing before continuing.

Then open the drawing dropdown menu and select the column drawing tool

Alternatively, you can also select the column drawing tool by using the CO keyboard shortcut.

Start drawing a column by left-clicking into the scene and moving your mouse cursor.

Press the Shift key if you want to snap the column to one of the two axes.

Left-click again to set the size of the column. Don't worry if you didn't manage to get the measurements 100% correct as you can still adjust them afterward.

Configuring the column properties

Select the column by left-clicking it to access additional drawing options in the inspector panel on the right side of the window.


With the X and Z values, you can change the position of the column in the X and Z axis respectively. The Base level value controls at which height from the floor the column starts. The Rotation value allows you to finetune the rotation of the column.


The Height value allows you to control how high the column should be while the Width value determines the width of the column.


Under Configurations, you can change the shape of the column from a square to a circle by selecting the respective shape in the dropdown menu.


Here you can select various preset materials from the dropdown menus and assign them to the top and the sides of the column.