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Draw a door

This article shows you how to add doors to your Archilogic building model

A door is an opening placed in a wall that provides a connection from one space to another.

In an Archilogic model, doors must be hosted by a wall.

To draw or configure a door in the Editor, you must be in the structural editing mode. Learn how to activate structural editing mode.

Draw a door

To draw a new door, open the drawing drop-down menu by left-clicking the drawing icon in the menu bar on the top and selecting the door drawing tool. The selected drawing tool will replace the icon of the drawing menu while also showing you which tool is currently active.

You can also type the keyboard shortcut DR on Mac or Windows to activate the door drawing tool.

A door has to be drawn onto an existing wall.

Once the door drawing tool is selected move your mouse cursor over an already existing wall object to which you want to add a door. Left-click to start drawing. Drag the mouse cursor to either side and left-click again to stop the drawing process.

You can continue drawing doors as long as the door drawing tool is active.

At any given time, you can exit the door drawing tool by pressing the Esc key on your keyboard.

Customize a door

To further customize a door, simply left-click the door in either the 2D or 3D canvas view to select it. Once selected you can configure the door properties shown below through the inspector panel:

Door Menu

1. Position

The X value controls the horizontal position of the door in relation to its position within the wall.

The Base level value controls the elevation of where the bottom of the door sits.

2. Dimensions

The Height controls how high the door is.

The Length controls how long the door is.

The Door angle controls the opening angle of the door.

3. Configuration

The configuration menu allows you to customize the look and type of your door.

The Door type dropdown menu allows you to choose between a couple of different door types such as:

  • Single swing
  • Double swing
  • Swing fix
  • Swing double fix
  • Double swing double fix
  • Sliding door
  • Opening
  • Elevator door
  • Garage door

The Hinge dropdown menu allows you to control if the hinge of the door is on the right or left side of the door.

The Swing direction dropdown menu allows you to control if the door opens towards the front or towards the back.

The Frame length value allows you to adjust how far the door frame extends toward its own center. The Frame offset value controls how wide the door frame is in the direction of the wall thickness.

4. Materials

At the bottom of the menu bar, you can adjust the materials of the door.

You can select a material from the dropdown menus for the door leaf.

In addition, you can select a color for the door frame. To do so simply left-click the square next to the text box to open a color picker tool and choose the color that you like or click into the text box and paste a hexadecimal color value.

Changes are autosaved in the Editor but don't forget to publish your model when you are ready to make the changes public.