How to draw windows

This article shows you how to add windows to your Archilogic building model

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Open the model that you want to adjust in the editor and unlock structural editing.

Then click the pencil button to open the drop-down menu and select the Window drawing tool. Alternatively, you can also use the "WI" keyboard shortcut to select the window drawing tool.

Once the window drawing tool is selected move your mouse cursor over the already existing wall object to which you want to add a window. Left-click to start drawing. Drag the mouse cursor to either side and left-click again to stop the drawing process.

Select the window by left-clicking it to access additional drawing options in the menu bar on the right side of the window.


With the X value, you can change the horizontal position of the window in relation to where it is on the wall.

The Base height value controls at which height from the floor the window starts.


With the Height value, you can control how high the window is, while the Length value lets you control the horizontal length of it.


The Frame length value allows you to adjust how far the window frame extends towards its own center. The Frame width value controls how wide the window frame is in the direction of the wall thickness. The Frame position controls whether the window frame is on the back of the wall, in the center, or at the front.

Finally, the Number of panes gives you a preview of how the window looks like. It shows you how wide and how high it is and far it extends from the floor.

Here you can also use the Add divider button to add divisions to your window or use the Remove divider button to remove the divisions again.


You can adjust the color of the window frame. To do so simply left-click the text box and paste a hexadecimal color value or left-click Custom to open a color picker tool and choose the color that you like.

Select Host Wall

Finally, you will also find a button at the bottom of the menu that allows you to select the host wall of the window. This can be useful if the window stretches along the full length of the wall.