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How to use space dividers

This article shows you how to use space dividers in the editor to split up areas of a room without drawing walls

This article is intended for users enrolled in our beta program. If you are interested in joining, please get in touch with our solutions team.

Space dividers can be used if you want to split up a space or a room into smaller, separate areas without them being separated by a wall.

To draw a space divider you have to first open an Archilogic building model in the editor. Make sure to unlock structural editing first.

Once structural editing has been unlocked left-click the pencil button and select Wall from the dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can also use the "SD" shortcut to select the wall drawing tool.

Start drawing a space divider by left-clicking an existing floor object and moving your mouse cursor.

Left-click again to set the space divider.

Once the space divider touches two different walls or another space divider, a new floor object will be created automatically that you can select and interact with separately. You can for example assign separate functions to each area.

If you wish to modify the space divider simply left-click and select it. You can then move it around or also delete it by pressing the Backspace key on your keyboard.

Disconnect a space divider

If you snapped the space divider to an existing wall it will automatically become connected to that wall.

If you wish to dissolve this connection you have to select both, the space divider and the wall object. After selecting the two objects you can either right-click into the scene to open the context menu and select "Disconnect walls", or click the Disconnect button in the right menu bar.

Split a space divider

To split a space divider you have to first select it by left-clicking it before right-clicking into the scene. Then select "Split space divider" from the context menu.

The split tool will appear allowing you to set a cut by moving your mouse over the space divider and selecting the desired position for the cut.

To exit the split tool without making a cut simply press the escape key on your keyboard.