Publish changes to a model

This article shows you how to publish updates to an Archilogic model so it can be shared across the web.

While the editor automatically saved all the changes you made to the model, the changes are not available anywhere or to anyone outside of the editor until you decide to publish them.  This allows you to continue making updates on a model without disrupting any existing application or workflow integrations the model has.

When you are ready to publish the updates to all channels, simply click the Publish button on the right of the toolbar, then click Publish again in the modal to confirm the action.


Wait for a few seconds until the "Published" confirmation notification appears next to the model name. All your model updates are now published across all channels such as Archilogic viewer, SDK, APIs, or any custom applications.

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The Publish action will kick off a light optimization process in the background.

The lighting optimization will make the model look nicer but won't appear instantaneously. Depending on the model's size, the process can take 10 - 60 minutes. The lighting optimization will apply to the model upon completion.