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Remove a person from your Archilogic team

This article shows you how to remove one or more people from your Archilogic team if they should no longer have access to your models

There may be situations where you need to remove a person from your Archilogic team because they don't require access anymore or because they no longer work with you.

To remove someone from your Archilogic team you require Admin rights.

First, log into your Archilogic dashboard.

Then click the circle button on the top right side of the window and select Team settings.

In the Team settings select Users from the menu on the left side of the window.

Find the person you wish to remove from your Archilogic team in the user list and tick the checkbox next to their name to select them. You can also tick additional checkboxes of other people if you wish to remove several people from your team at once.

Then click the Delete button.

A pop-up will open asking you to confirm your action. Click the Delete button to delete the selected users or the Cancel button to return to the previous page without removing anyone.