Restore a previous savestate

This article shows you how to revert your building model back to a previous savestate

The Archilogic editor automatically saves all the changes you do to a building model.

To revert your building model back to a previous save state you have to first open it in the dashboard and then switch to the editor mode by clicking the Editor button on the left-hand side of the window.

Then open the save menu by clicking the floppy disk icon on the left.

Finally, click the plus icon next to "Version history" in the save menu to see all the previous savestates of this building model.

After clicking the plus icon the version history of this building model will unfurl and show all the savestates that were generated. It will also indicate which save state has been published and is currently being shown to external viewers.

Select the savestate to which you want to revert the model back to by clicking it. The selected savestate will show up on the right side in the editor view as a preview.

It is not possible to do any changes to the model while it is in preview mode.

To confirm that you want to restore the selected savestate you have to first click the Restore button on the top left-hand side of the window.

Once you clicked Restore a new savestate will be created on top of the list and you can continue working on the model.