Restore a previous version

This article shows you how to restore your model to a previous version in the Editor

It's easy to go back to a previous version or an autosave version of a model. You can restore, or duplicate a version in the Editor.


View version history

To navigate to a previous model version, open the model in the Editor.

Select the Version history icon from the panel on the left of the Editor. Then, find the version you want to restore. 

restore label

1. Published version history - this panel shows the current and all previously published version history of the model

2. All version history - this panel shows the model's version history, including autosaved and published versions.

published + all

3. Actions button -  access the actions you can perform on the model version.

4. Version name - the selected version name. 

5. Done button - exit the version history mode. If you did not perform any restore or duplicate action, this action would bring you back to the latest model version.

Restore a version

To restore a version, please select the version by clicking on it. The canvas will refresh to display the chosen version in 2D view. 

Click on the Actions button on the version panel or next to the Version name on the toolbar.

Restore action

Click Restore from the action menu. Wait for a few seconds. Once you see the "Restored" confirmation next to the model name, you can click Done to exit out of the Version history mode.

The model is restored to the previous version you chose.

Changes are autosaved in the Editor but don't forget to publish your model when you are ready to make the changes public.