Select multiple assets or groups

This article shows you how to select multiple assets or groups for bulk actions in the editor

There are two ways to select multiple assets or groups in the Editor.

Click Selection

You can either press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard, and left-click all the assets and groups you want to select in the 2D canvas view. Once you've selected all the items you want, you can release the Shift key on your keyboard.

select multiple assets

Selection Box

Alternatively, you can also draw a selection box over the assets you wish to select with both the Shift key and the left mouse button pressed at the same time. Everything touching the box will be selected regardless if it's enclosed fully by the box or only partially.

You can then move your selection, delete it, or group the selected items from the Inspector panel.
You can also right-click on the canvas to bring up the context menu and select one of the actions from it.

At the moment it is not possible to move several selected structural elements at once. But you can delete them or change certain values like height or materials if they all consist of the same object type such as for example wall.

Selection Modes

Be advised that there are several different selection modes available. You can either only select furniture assets, only structural elements, or everything at once. The latter two selection modes are only available if structural editing has been unlocked.

Changes are autosaved in the Editor but don't forget to publish your model when you are ready to make the changes public.