Setting up the print layout

This article shows you how to set up a print layout

To set up a print layout for a building model, open the building model in your Archilogic dashboard. Once open, switch to the print app by clicking the print icon at the left side of the window:

If the layout menu is not already selected, click the layout button at the right side of the window to open it:

With the layout menu open, you can choose between "Portrait" and "Landscape" paper orientation modes:

Each paper orientation mode offers a standard set of layout choices. You can create a document that features a 2D floor plan, or one that combines the 2D floor plan with a 3D image and some additional information about the building model:

After you've selected a layout, you can manually adjust each tile by clicking on them.  Here's an example of a custom configured document: 

You can now print or download the document as a PDF.