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Log into your Archilogic account using SAML SSO

This article shows you how to sign up using the SAML SSO method provided by your organization

This knowledge base article is only relevant for you if your employer requires you to use their SAML SSO method to access your Archilogic account. If SAML SSO is not required you can follow the steps described in this article instead.

If you've been invited to start using Archilogic by your employer or your system admin you may be required to use the Single Sign-On method that your employer provides in order to access your Archilogic models.

To do so simply open the Archilogic log-in page by clicking the "Log in" button on the Archilogic website.

Then click the "Continue with SAML SSO" link below the blue Login button.

You will be forwarded to a new form and asked to type in your personal company email address. Click the blue "Sign in" button once you're done.

If you were already logged into your company SAML SSO solution before you will now automatically be forwarded to your Archilogic dashboard.

If you weren't logged into your company SAML SSO solution you will be asked to log in with your email address and corresponding password before being forwarded to your Archilogic dashboard.