Undo or redo an action in the editor

This article shows you how to move a revert or repeat an action in the editor.


It happens to everyone. You make an adjustment in the editor only to immediately realize that you didn't want to make the change and revert to the previous state. You can easily undo or redo an action in the Archilogic Editor.

To undo an action, simply press the Undo button in the center of the toolbar. This will revert the previous action and step back to the previous state. Pressing the same button  again will revert the action before.


Keyboard shortcuts for Undo an action:

CMD + Z on Mac

Ctrl + Z on Windows


To redo an action, simply press the Redo button in the center of the toolbar. This will repeat the previous action. Pressing the same button again will perform the action again.


 Keyboard shortcuts for Redo an action:

CMD + Y or CMD + Shift + Z on Mac

Ctrl + Y or Ctrl + Shift + Z on Windows

Please be advised that the undo or redo can only perform in an active session in the Editor. The action history from one session will not be preserved once you exit the Editor. You will not be able to undo/redo an action from a previous session. Instead, you can visit the autosave version history panel to restore from a previous version.