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Lock/unlock the structural editing mode

This article shows you how to unlock structural editing mode so that you can create or configure structural elements such as walls, windows, doors, etc.

By default, all structural elements in a model are locked in the Editor to prevent accidental editing such as moving and deleting a wall. To select an existing structural element or to create a new one, you must unlock the structural editing mode first. There are a few ways you can unlock the structural editing mode:

1. The drawing menu

Open the drawing panel by clicking the pencil icon on the left bar. Click the lock icon in the drawing panel. Click the Unlock button in the popup menu to confirm unlocking the structural editing mode.


2. Canvas Context menu

For quick access, right-click the canvas to bring up the context menu, then select unlock structural editing.


3. Main menu

You can also unlock the structural editing mode by going to the main menu on the left of the toolbar, and under preferences, select unlock structural editing.


Keyboard shortcut to lock/unlock the structural editing mode:

CMD + U on Mac
Ctrl + U on Windows 


Please be advised that the structural editing mode turns off the realistic lighting of the model. While all your changes will be saved automatically, realistic lighting rendering will be applied after you publish the changes.