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Lock/unlock the structural editing mode

Learn how to unlock structural editing mode to draw or configure structural elements such as walls, windows, doors, etc.

By default, all structural elements in a model are locked in the Editor to prevent accidental editing such as moving and deleting a wall.

To select an existing structural element or create a new one, you must first unlock the structural editing mode. There are a few ways you can unlock the structural editing mode.

Keyboard shortcut to lock/unlock the structural editing mode:

CMD + U on Mac

Ctrl + U on Windows 

1. The drawing menu

To unlock structural editing left-click the drawing drop-down menu in the top bar. Once you’ve unlocked it you can open the drop-down menu and left-click a drawing tool to start drawing. Alternatively, you can also left-click an existing structural element for example a wall to select and edit it.

2. Canvas Context menu

For quick access, right-click the canvas to bring up the context menu, then select unlock structural editing.

3. Main menu

You can also unlock the structural editing mode by opening the main menu on the top left corner and under preferences, selecting unlock structural editing.