Measure distances or areas in your model

This article shows you how to measure various distances in your building model such as the length of a room, the distance to a wall or a floor area

You can measure distances and areas with the Archilogic editor. However, please be advised that these measurements are only meant to be used as temporary help or guide and won't be saved nor will they appear in the 2D view of a shared model.

To measure distances or areas in an Archilogic building model you have to first open it in the dashboard and then switch to the editor app by clicking the Editor button.


Once you've opened the editor app click the ruler icon in the top left-hand corner of the window.

Measure a distance

To measure a distance select Distance in the drop-down menu. 

Left-click the building model to start the measuring process. Move your mouse to the measurement target. If you want to stop measuring simply double-click the target.

If you wish to continue measuring you can left-click once and then do as many other left-clicks as you wish. The overall distance will be added up. End the measuring by double-clicking.

Measure an area

To measure a floor area click the ruler button in the top left-hand corner of the window and select Area from the drop-down menu.

Left-click the building model to start measuring. Move your mouse cursor and left-click again. Repeat the process until you've enclosed the space for which you want to measure the floor area. Double-click to end the process.

Discard a measurement and start a new one

Start a new measurement by pressing the Esc key on your keyboard and your previous measurement will be discarded.

Alternatively, you can also directly click the ruler button and select Distance or Area and the old measurement will disappear and you can start from scratch.