Undo or redo an action in the editor

This article shows you how to move a step backward or forward in your editing history

It happens to everyone. You make an adjustment in the editor only to immediately realize that you didn't intend the change and want to return to a previous state. The Archilogic editor allows you to freely move forward or backward in your editing history and undo or redo editing steps.

To undo a change press the Ctrl/CMD + Z keys on your keyboard. This will move you to the previous state. If you press the same keys again you'll move another step back and so on.

To move a step forward in your editing history after moving backward, press the Ctrl/CMD + Y or the Ctrl/CMD + Shift + Z keys on your keyboard. Keep in mind that this is only possible as long as you haven't introduced new changes.

Alternatively, you can also use the arrow buttons in your editor view to undo or redo editing steps.

Please be advised that the undo or redo functionality only works for your active session. Once you've closed the browser or exited the editor, you won't be able to use the same commands anymore to reverse a change previously made.

Instead, you would have to use the save history to restore a previous savestate.