Select and edit several structural objects at once

This article shows you how to select and edit several structural objects of the same type at once

Changing materials on several walls can be a bothersome task. Luckily the Archilogic editor allows you to select several structural objects of the same type and edit them at once.


To do so you first have to open the model you want to adjust in the editor.

Make sure to unlock structural editing first.

Once structural editing has been unlocked select a structural object such as a wall by left-clicking it. To select another wall you simply have to press and hold the shift key on your keyboard and then left-click another wall or another object of the same file type.

Alternatively, you can also right-click a selected object and then navigate to "Select all" in the context menu.

This menu allows you to select all other objects of the same file type by some specific criteria. You can for example select all walls with the same height or width or that have the same material.

Once you've selected several objects of the same type you can simply change the values in the menu on the right side of the window and all selected objects will be adjusted accordingly.