Share a link to your building model

This article shows you how to share a link to your Archilogic building model

To share a building model you must first open the model in your dashboard by clicking the model tile:BuildingModelTile

Once you've opened the building model, make sure that you're using the view app by clicking the "View" button at the left side of the window:


In the view app, you'll find the share button at the lower right corner of the screen. Click it to open the share menu:


To share your Archilogic building model by URL, open the "Share" tab of the share menu and copy the link. If you want to embed the building model on a website open the "Embed" tab instead.

There are additional settings available that give you more control over how the link behaves. To customize your link click "More settings". Please keep in mind that the link will change when you're adjusting the settings.