Remove all furniture from a room

This article shows you how to remove all furniture objects from a room in the Archilogic Editor

To remove all furniture from a room simultaneously, select the room by left-clicking on it in the 2d floor plan view of the Archilogic Editor. When doing so, make sure to avoid selecting any furniture objects in that room. You will know that the room is selected when the floor turns light blue as seen below.

Once the room is selected, right-click on the room and a context menu will appear next to your cursor:

Click Delete furniture to remove all furniture objects from the room.

All furniture objects will be removed from that room.

You can now either use the Auto layout feature to populate the room with a new set of furniture objects, or you can drag and drop specific furniture objects into the room from the Assets menu.

Your changes will be saved automatically. However, to share them with someone else you have to publish your model first.