Edit the metadata of your building model

This article shows you how to edit information related to your building model

To change the name or address of your building model, you must first be logged into the Archilogic dashboard. Once logged in, click the small settings icon (cogwheel) beneath the thumbnail of the building model you'd like to edit.

This will open building model's settings:

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 1.30.49 PM

The following settings can be modified:

  • Property name - the name of the building model that appears when viewing, sharing, and embedding.
  • Address - the building address of the model.
  • Folder - the subfolder that houses the model within the account.  Models will remain in the top-level folder in the dashboard unless a folder is specified.  Read here for more information on moving.  You can move your model into a subfolder by clicking the folder drop-down menu and selecting an existing folder.
  • Visibility - whether or not your building model is publicly visible. When visibility is set to "public", you can share the link to the building model and visitors will be able to access and view it without having an Archilogic account. When set to "private", only the owner will be able to access and view the building model. 
  • Units - the unit system for this model (metric or imperial).